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Solutions to improve

Solutions to improve the productivity of your company

We deliver solutions recognized as “Best of breed” on each segment, our portfolio is divided in the following topics: Digital Transformation, Testing & IT Operations, Cybersecurity, Automate Compliance, Integrated Risk Management and BPM Solutions for Large Enterprises, Medium-sized and SMB.

Process Mining

We can implement a Process Mining best practices in your company in order to improve Productivity by 15% and Direct Revenue in your business by 4%.

GNSOL your partner for it security

IT Security

IT Security is one of the top 3 priorities on the CIO's agenda.  We provide the best solutions to protect your business.  We have the most compelling consultants in the market.


Integrated Risk Management

We can help you to set the appropiate practices and processes supporting well defined risk aware culture and enabling the best technologies, that improves decision making and performance through and integrated view .

1. Cloud Solutions

2. Hosted Solutions

3. On Premise Solutions

Helping you find the right IT model.

We deliver our solutions in the way that make more sense for your business.  Cloud Solutions that give an agility in your environment, we provide all that you need in a full package ready to use.  Hosted Solutions that allow you to have control of your assets while we control the it environment for you.  On Premise to give you full control on your solutions with the best technology at your fingertips.


IT partner with a shared vision.

Observability comes from the realm of engineering and control theory, it's widely adopted by the tech world.  Technology is advancing so quickly that developers are uner pressure to sonstantly update an evolve systems, so it's never been more crucial to understand what's going on inside those rapidly changin systems.

Achieving observability empowers users to update and deploy software and apps safely without a negative impact on the end-user experience. In other words, o11y gives IT teams the confidence to innovate with their apps and software as needed.

IT Security

data protection.jpg

IT Security for your enterprise.  We provide software solutions and specialized consultancy services in the IT Security space.  We can provide solutions for vulnerability and penetration testing, Dashboards that can include, in a single vision, all the IT Security information that the enterprise generates in their own systems.  We have Award winning soluitons in the XDR, MDR, SIEM + SOAR + UEBA space complemented with Threat Intelligence tecnology thaty accelerates the Time to Reponse and mitigates Threats Vulnerabilities.


Programador en sala de servidores

Hyperautomation is the next Big Thing.  Hyperautomation involves the disciplined use of relevant automation technologies to automate all business processes that can or should be automated. Software engineering leaders must expand beyond siloed choices like RPA to build a strategic technology portfolio that delivers hyperautomation. By 2024, 90% of integration-platform-as-a-service vendors will enable process automation, while almost all RPA vendors will offer integration via APIs. Appian is a software company that automates business processes. The Appian AI-Powered Process Platform includes everything you need to design, automate, and optimize even the most complex processes, from start to finish. The world's most innovative organizations trust Appian to improve their workflows, unify data, and optimize operations—resulting in better growth and superior customer experiences.

Test Automation

testing image 1.jpg

Test Automation Automated testing is key to unlocking the potential of continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI / CD) workflows. As software release cycles grow shorter and shorter, traditional manual testing methods can no longer keep up — creating bottlenecks that delay releases and put your releases behind schedule.


Make sure your applications, digital services, and website work across every browser, operating system, and device. Eggplant's AI-powered software test automation offers model-based testing to optimize user experience across clouds, mobile devices, and desktops — giving you a holistic look at application performance.

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