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Silobreaker - Make intelligence-led decisions faster

Silobreaker enables organisations to reduce risk by providing insights no other solution can match, at unprecedented speed.

Automate data collection and aggregation from millions of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), dark web, and premium sources, across cyber, physical, and geopolitical risks, in a single place.

Discover a more flexible, connected way to meet each of your priority intelligence requirements. Silobreaker collects and connects all your intelligence data, accelerates analysis, and brings reporting and communication together in a single workflow to save time, increase ROI, and reduce risk faster.

Silobreaker’s Intelligence Hub automatically selects, collects, and aggregates the most comprehensive range of threat intelligence data available across millions of open, dark web, and finished intelligence sources – instantly scaling intelligence operations.

  • Specialised access to unstructured conversational data in blogs, social media, forums, and Telegram chats

  • Premium data sources found nowhere else, all in one place – including Intel471, Flashpoint, Polyswarm, DomainTools, Open Phish, and more

  • Expertise to work side-by-side with you to align the right data to your priority intelligence requirements

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